The RAW Babe Handbook On How To Own 2024

The RAW Babe Handbook On How To Own 2024

With January having come and gone, and those New Year’s resolutions having since settled, it’s time to make sure you’re still carrying that momentum...

With January having come and gone, and those New Year’s resolutions having since settled, it’s time to make sure you’re still carrying that momentum. And we’re here to help you make sure you can look back knowing you did right by your body (and your mind, too).

 Wherever you are on your journey, whether it’s just at the beginning, if you’re cruising on by, or if you’ve fallen off and want to pick up back where you left off, this one’s for you.

 For the days where it feels like you’ve already spent everything you had, and somehow need to reach for more, here’s our complete RAW babe handbook on how to own the rest of the year:


Let’s tackle the heavy stuff first. Leave discontentment and unhappiness out of 2024. Of course, that’s easier said than done when things like body image issues are so pervasive among women today. The best way to own the year is to practice self-love. Self-love comes in many forms, and it can mean something different for everyone. Take the time in this journey of yours to find which flavor of self-love is the one for you. That can mean daily stretching, organizing, journaling, maybe more of those “everything” showers. Take the time to fall in love with every little thing your body can do.


This one goes hand in hand with self-love. Some of the best people on this earth are so used to putting others first, and nutrition can be one of the first things to go. Make yourself a priority. Eat whole foods. Drink your water. Limit things that aren’t doing your body any favors, like excessive sugars that will leave you crashing. Clean out that fridge and remove anything that’s not helping you on your journey.

 Get organized

Getting organized is super important when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. When you get yourself organized, you make way for the rest to fall into place. It can be as easy as making your bed daily, sorting your closet, or even just getting your gym bag ready to go for later. Make that shopping list, or plan out your meals for the week. Just remember to take baby steps- you don’t need to tackle everything in one go.

 Have a plan

Best way to grab 2024 by the horns is to make yourself a solid plan. Life is busy, so the best way to succeed is to break down your goals into smaller, bite-sized and achievable steps. Whether that’s hitting your next PB, your daily steps, or just going to the gym consistently, try to note these smaller goals that will make the bigger picture happen. Now, plans can change and adapt as you tweak and perfect what your routine looks like, and as you find out more about yourself. Just remember to set realistic goals. Taking on too much is a surefire way to stress yourself out.  


If you’ve ever burnt yourself out, you’ll know firsthand how hard it is to bounce back. We all know someone (or we are that someone) who takes on too much, pushes too hard at the gym, or doesn’t leave enough time for rest and relaxation. Those are important, too. Go ahead and make a vow to yourself to not burn yourself out this year. To give your body a chance to heal. The only way to do that is to make sure you’re setting aside time to rest. This goes for your body, and for your mind.

 Cut out negativity

When you remove the negative things in life, you make way for the positive. That can be as simple as approaching the things you do with gratitude. If you’re always looking at your fitness routine as a chore, it’s always going to be bringing you down. Don’t drag yourself through life. Removing negativity can also be about people. Recognize when you need to set boundaries. Look inward and identify anything that is bringing you down, and handle it, remove it, or own it.

 Do the work

Now that you’re getting a handle on how to recharge and make a plan, it’s time to put in the work and move your body. Moving is also a part of recharging, part of self-love. Treat yourself  to that dance class you’ve been eyeing, do a meditative yoga session, plan a hike, or pick up some weights. Just make a start. Spend less time contemplating and more time getting out there and doing.