Recharge Active Wear (RAW) is an experience; an attitude; a movement to move. Our mission is to take every woman’s comfort, curve, and confidence into consideration. Mold your body even before it’s sculpted, hold your curves without a touch, support a healthy body when it’s hard to muster up the strength, and stamina you need to get the workout done. It’s more than just active wear, it’s a philosophy. It’s the way of the workout warrior, a superpower that turns the everyday woman into a  vixen, a siren, a heroine,  a crusader.

The best way to tell you About Us is to take you on a journey About Her…the RAW, Recharge woman. She’s a mother, she’s single, she’s married, career driven, she plays hard, carries the world on her shoulders while keeping posture perfect. She’s a woman like you and like me. She’s everyone and everything we all want to be. She’s inspired yet tired, fit yet for real, she has passion and motion, she’s shy and outgoing. She’s invigorated and strong, she needs purpose, she wears RAW.

I have to work out today. How do I peel myself off the floor, all day at my job and now playing with the kids? I’ve already made dinner, cleaned the table, swept the floor. How do I motivate to move? I RECHARGE! Slip into my workout wear. It embraces, tucks, transforms my body into a state of confidence, comfort, and conviction.

 It’s the clothes I want on. The clothes I want to move under. The clothes that reinvent and accentuate. The outfit I want to get caught in on my way home from the gym. It’s the way of the warrior, the steadfast, glorious glamour mom, the corporate crusader, the woman who can do everything and more. And then slip into my RECHARGE, the surge, each curve is inspired, invigorated, reignited. All eyes on me. Every move, every jump, each squat, lunge, and curl.

 Sweat drips down the small of my back as I push past number 30 and pray no one’s looking. Then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I don’t know it’s me. I ask who is she? That woman in that perfect color, the perfect cut. That vixen that insists on everyone’s attention. Who is she? The one I’m looking at in the mirror, the form of an athlete, the stance of a siren. I wish I were her. Wait, It’s me. It’s my RECHARGE. I’m in the RAW. 

Life is a transformation and each day we take on a multitude of roles, reinventing ourselves to mesh with the moment. Sometimes it’s fluid and sometimes it’s forced. That’s why we created Recharge Active Wear otherwise known as RAW. To take you out of life’s less inspiring moments and transform you into the workout warrior that resides in all of us.