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RechargeActiveWear (RAW) is an experience; an attitude; a movement to move. Our mission is to take every womanโ€™s comfort, curve, and confidence into consideration. Mold your body even before itโ€™s sculpted, hold your curves without a touch, support a healthy body when itโ€™s hard to muster up the strength, and stamina you need to get the workout done. Itโ€™s more than just active wear, itโ€™s a philosophy. Itโ€™s the way of the workout warrior, a superpower that turns the everyday woman into aย  vixen, a siren, a heroine,ย  a crusader.


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A brand created by inspired women that inspire women. Let your inner super-woman shine through. We aim to helpwomen find their joy in fitness, health and life.

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